Replacing Car Parts Can Minimize the Need for Repairs

Tips For Finding Car Parts At A Salvage Yard

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Once you pay a small admission fee at the gates of a salvage yard, you’ll have access to thousands of used parts from all types of wrecked vehicles. Although the cars and trucks no longer run, their bodies are filled with parts that may be in good or even perfect condition. Before spending a lot of money on a new part for your vehicle, it may pay to check out a salvage yard to see if they have what you need first. You may be able to get the exact part you need at a small fraction of the cost of its brand-new counterpart. Because automotive salvage yards are so expansive, it’s important to go prepared. By taking the time to plan ahead, you’ll be more comfortable during the search and will have a better chance of finding what you need. Here are some salvage yard tips to consider: 1. Search for your desired part prior to arriving. Many salvage yards have lists of their available parts on their website.  They usually list all of their available vehicles’ makes, models, and years, along with their parts, so that you can quickly scroll through to check their inventory. If they don’t list their parts online, you can look through a list of available parts when you arrive at the yard.  Salvage yards may not list their vehicles’ colors, so if you need an exterior part, you’ll just need to check them out in person. 2. Since you’ll be out in the elements as you look for your needed parts, take the weather into consideration prior to heading to the salvage yard. Since most lots don’t have any type of shade, make sure to wear sunscreen and/or wear a sun hat on sunny days.  Also, don’t forget safety glasses and protective gloves if you’ll be pulling parts out of vehicles. You may also appreciate having a bottle of water in tow on hot summer days. since you won’t find any water fountains or soda machines out on the lot.  3. Bring a bag filled with any tools that you’ll need to pull parts out of the vehicles, since salvage yards don’t typically provide them. Some handy tools to put in your arsenal include pry bars, hammers, socket sets, wire snips, and scissors.  Also, bring an old sheet or a large piece of cardboard to place on the ground if you’ll be working under the cars....

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Different Types Of Automobile Brake Pads And The Vehicles They Are Suited For

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Brake pads are one of the most important parts of an auto brake system. Without the correct type of brake pads for your car, you may not be able to stop within the proper distance to prevent an auto accident from occurring. Brake pads vary according to the material they are made of. These are the different types of brake pads and the types of automobiles they are designed for. Metallic Brake Pads  Metallic brake pads are made of a combination of different types of metal. Some of these types of brake pads are semi-metallic and they are made of a combination of metal and other natural materials. The types of metal commonly used for metallic and semi-metallic brake pads include steel wool, metal wire and copper that is compressed tightly together. Metallic and semi-metallic brake pads are very durable and are one of the most common types of brake pads found on vehicles today. These brake pads work well for small compact cars, mid-size cars and sports cars. Organic Brake Pads  Organic brake pads are made of various materials such as glass, fiber and rubber. Organic brake pads produce very little noise but do tend to create a substantial amount of dust when applying the brakes. These brake pads tend to wear away more quickly, so they are most suitable for small cars that are not driven aggressively. Ceramic Brake Pads  Ceramic brake pads are made of ceramic fibers combined with other filler materials. These brake pads are strong and durable and work well with vehicles that are heavy, make frequent stops, are driven at high speeds and that make sharp turns on a regular basis. Ceramic brake pads are most commonly used on large trucks, SUVs or vans. These brake pads are also suitable for race cars as well. Ceramic brake pads are also the noisiest type of brake pads made for automobiles. However, it is worth the sacrifice of having noisy brakes to ensure more safety for the driver. A key thing to remember when choosing the best brake pads for your vehicle is that the heavier or more aggressively your vehicle is driven, the stronger your brake pads need to be. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing your brake pads much more frequently than you would normally have to if you purchased the stronger brake pads instead. You may pay more for the heavy duty brake pads, but in the long run it could save you money because they do not need to be replaced as often. Talk to a company like Brake & Equipment Warehouse for more...

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Tips To Help You Receive A Fair Offer From A Scrap Yard When Selling Your Old Vehicle

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If you own an old jalopy that you once had dreams of restoring, but have decided against it due to the cost and time involved and now find yourself in a situation in which you need money for an emergency, consider selling it to a scrap yard. The following tips will help you receive a fair offer for your automobile so that you can handle the financial crisis that you have been faced with. Perform Cosmetic Upgrades Take the time to clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior so that it looks as if you took good care of your car while it was in your possession. Clean any metal pieces on the car that have rusted surfaces or show signs of wear. Use a thin, even layer of naval jelly to help dissolve rust and a standard scrub brush to remove surface stains. Rinse all of the parts off with water when finished. Metal prices often fluctuate, but most scrap yards will offer more money for a vehicle that has metal pieces that are clean and damage-free. Have Basic Mechanical Parts Repaired A car that can be driven will earn you more money than one that is broken down in your yard. This is especially true if you are going to be requesting that a tow truck picks it up and the company that you hire charges for tows. If your vehicle has minor mechanical parts that need to be repaired in order to get it up and running, it will be well-worth it to explore the option of having them repaired. Ask friends or a family member who is mechanically inclined to assist you if you do not have the funds on hand that are needed to hire a mechanic.  Compare Rates From Local And Online Companies Call several local and online companies, like U Pull & Pay, to compare rates. Some businesses will require that you have a clear title and that your car runs. Others may offer a free towing service or not be as concerned about the title. The rates that companies offer for the weight of a vehicle may contrast greatly, as well. After doing your homework, you will be able to locate a company that will offer you a fair deal. Once you set up a time to have your vehicle picked up or dropped off, you will receive the money that was promised to you so that you can handle the financial crisis that you have...

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Tuning Your Vehicle To Increase Efficiency

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Every car owner wants to get the maximum power and efficiency possible while driving. Modifications can be made to your car or truck that will help increase its overall ability to run well, drive faster, and operate more smoothly. When it comes to fine tuning your engine, there are a few important things you can do in order to increase its efficiency and help it to run better overall. Increase Air Intake If your vehicle has plenty of air coming in through the intake system, the horsepower should increase. You can add more air flow by installing a maximum air-flow filter or sensor. These parts are inexpensive and easy to install. They will allow the air to come into the vehicle’s intake much more smoothly and can add a lot of extra power to your engine with minimal effort. Tune The Cylinder Head Your cylinder head is the part of the engine that helps control the airflow both in and out of the motor. If you fine-tune the car’s cylinder head, you can improve the exhaust flow of the car and give it much more power. This tuning method may require the help of a mechanic unless you know how to do it yourself with the proper tools. You can tune this part of your engine by matching up the intake and exhaust ports of the engine for a smoother air flow. Improve Your Exhaust Just like the air that comes into your engine is important, it’s also essential that the exhaust has a good amount of room to escape. When a car’s engine is able to eliminate excess gases from its internal combustion system, it will see a significant increase in power. You can accomplish this by adding a higher performance muffler and larger diameter pipes to your exhausts system. Work On The Engine Block The engine block of a vehicle is the part with the most emphasis on power, durability, and strength. Change the oil pain in your car with one that has a better capacity for more oil, and that cools well. You can also change the traditional oil system over to a dry sump system. This system helps create a vacuum in the engine’s crankcase that can increase power by reducing windage loss. Computer Tuning Newer model vehicles have a computer in the engine that gives it instructions on how to operate. A process called ECU tuning can reprogram the module to instruct the car’s sensors, valves, and injectors to do various tasks that will increase air intake as well as fume output. This simple process is easy to do, and you will certainly see an increase in horsepower. These simple tuning changes can make your vehicle run much better, faster, and smoother with a few tweaks. Contact a business, such as Auto Performance, for help with your car....

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Is Your Car Backfiring Or Sputtering? 2 Possible Solutions

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You take care of your car, but that does not mean that an issue cannot arise, like sputtering or backfires. This problem is usually accompanied by bad smells or black smoke. The following are 2 possible reasons why your car is having problems.  1. A Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator This regulator is a small device that is no bigger than your palm and is usually shaped in the form of a pentagon. The regulator helps your vehicle read just how much fuel your engine needs to provide power. But, like other compartments, it can fail. The following are a few signs of a bad regulator: Bad fuel economy, as the regulator might force too much fuel into your engine. The excess fuel in the engine might blacken your spark plugs. Car emissions might be excessive, and you may see fuel dripping from the exhaust pipe. Running rich might also cause back pressure in your exhaust pipe that may result in black smoke and sputtering. The oil dipstick might smell like gasoline. The engine might stall when you press down on your gas pedal. You can change your fuel pressure on your own with minimal to no experience, and the part should be easy to find at your local auto parts store. 2. Fuel Filter The fuel filter is a compartment that is usually under your car on the passenger side and sits somewhere between the fuel line and your engine. This piece looks like a cylinder and can be removed by using a fuel filter disconnector that you can find in your auto parts store. This filter helps your vehicle clean any debris or grime that may have contaminated your fuel as it travels from the fuel pump to the engine. The following are a few symptoms related to a bad fuel filter: You might not be able to start your vehicle, or you may have a hard time starting your car. Your car might have acceleration issues or performance issues when driving close to idle speeds, but drive slightly better at higher speeds.  There could be a bad smell coming from your exhaust pipe with blackened smoke. You might feel sputtering or backfires, especially at lower speeds.  You can change the fuel filter on your own; just ask your auto parts store for a new fuel filter, which should be accessible. Now you have a few possible solutions that may help stop the issue that you are having. For more help tracking down these parts, contact a company like Parts...

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Learn How To Protect Your Garage Door From Extreme Weather Conditions

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Your garage door is one of the most functional components of your entire home. Given your family’s dependency on the door, keeping it in good condition is important. One thing all homeowners should be aware of is the potentially harmful effects weather can have on a garage door system. If you want to ensure that your garage door is functional all year long, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the effects that weather can have on a garage door. High Heat On an extremely hot day during the summer months, the inside of your garage is going to be extremely hot, too. This is especially the case if the garage door faces the sun for a large portion of the day. When the heat inside the garage increases, it can have an effect on the electrical components of your garage door opener. This could cause the opener to work slower than normal or decrease its sensitivity to the system’s remotes. For example, you might have to be closer to the garage for the remote to close or open the door. If you find that your garage isn’t functioning like it normally does, check the temperature inside the garage before you automatically assume that the door is experiencing a malfunction. An easy way to avoid this is to keep the internal temperate cooler. Setting up climate control in the garage is one option or you could simply add insulation. Storms The spring and summer months are often characterized by thunderstorms. When a thunderstorm is accompanied by lightning strikes, this can cause a power surge in your garage if it gets hit. Not only will this cause you to lose power to the garage door, but this could also cause damage to the internal circuit board of the opener, making it virtually useless. Since you can’t prevent a lighting strike, you need to learn how to protect your opener. The best thing to do is plug your door opener directly into a surge protected outlet. If you do not have one of these outlets installed near the opener, it’s a good idea to make this upgrade. With this type of outlet, in the event of a power surge, it will serve as a barrier and prevent the current from going into the opener and causing damage. The more focus you put on understanding the effects that weather can have on your garage door, the more you can prepare and prevent any issues.  For more information, contact a professional like those at J & R Garage Door Company...

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How Do Aftermarket Car Parts Compare To OEM Parts?

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If you enjoy fixing up cars and selling them for a profit, you probably find yourself buying auto parts regularly. To make money in this business, you will need to find ways to make the repairs affordable, and one of your options is to purchase aftermarket car parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. What’s the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts? OEM – These parts are made directly by the manufacturer of the vehicle. They are exact substitutes for car parts and most OEM parts come with warranties. Aftermarket parts – An aftermarket part is one that is made to resemble the original part, but is not made by the manufacturer. The manufacturers that make these parts often make parts for all makes, brands, and models of vehicles. You can usually order both types of parts at auto parts stores, but there are pros and cons with each type. What are the benefits of aftermarket parts? One of the reasons you may want to consider choosing aftermarket parts for your car repairs is the price. Aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts, even though they are typically made with the same materials and in the same way. In most cases, aftermarket parts will look identical to OEM parts. The difference is that aftermarket parts are not backed by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. Some people are hesitant about using aftermarket parts because of quality issues, but this really isn’t as big of a problem as it once was. Aftermarket parts used to have a reputation of being low in quality, but things have changed. Today, there are many aftermarket parts that are actually better than the OEM parts, and this is attributed to improvements part manufacturers are making to the design of parts that didn’t work as well as they should have. You should also know that finding aftermarket parts is much easier than finding OEM parts. While some auto parts stores may sell certain OEM parts, they are more likely to sell aftermarket parts. Choosing aftermarket parts will help you affordably repair the cars you want to sell, and you can feel good about the repairs because aftermarket parts are usually just as good as OEM parts. If you would like to purchase cheap auto parts for the cars you need to fix, look for an auto parts store that sells aftermarket car parts. You can also purchase salvage car parts, either aftermarket or OEM, taken from other vehicles. You can find these at a professional salvage auto parts...

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Hondata S300: How Tech Now Leads The Way To “Suped Up”

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Once upon a time, not long ago, people who were crazy about cars and altering them to look cool relied on things like neon lights and spinning rims. Those days are past, although some of these “antiquated” means of souping up your car are still in use. Instead of exterior flashiness, you now have to go to the interior of the car, specifically the car’s on-board computer. Recognizing the craving for this new trend, companies like Honda developed automotive computer upgrades like the Hondata s300.  Here is what these auto computer parts do for you and your vehicle. Transformation from Boring to Hot Rod Of course, kids these days would not call their souped up auto tech projects “hot rods”, but the transformation from family car to street ride is exactly that. The on-board computer in most basic cars is meant for the working stiffs, but adding the extra motherboards turns the vehicle into a veritable race car. It helps tune up the engine to a level that only a race car could handle. Performance potential is maxxed out, giving the car’s owner something akin to what you saw in Tokyo Drift. Many of the tech upgrades originated in the different countries in Asia, where a car’s unique racing abilities, both vertical and sideways, are highly prized. Easier Maintenance Even though it seems counterintuitive, installing high performance auto tech means less engine maintenance. The added motherboard alerts you to problems in the engine and the car’s computer. Since you already have to make several tune-ups just to install this tech, you will have less to worry about after the tech is installed. Unless you have opted to turn your imported family car into a Formula 1 racecar, tuning and performance checkups are fewer and farther between. Finding, Purchasing and Installing Tech Auto Parts Nowadays, you not only have to be a car hobbyist, but also an auto tech geek to keep up. This provides nerds and geeks everywhere the chance to be cool, because they can utilize what they know about computers with something that is more socially acceptable and “cool”. If you were/are a computer nerd, this is your time to shine. You can learn how to install and use these auto parts to create cars many people want.  However, if learning about and installing souped up motherboards in foreign import cars is not your thing, but you want to be cool too, then the dealerships that sell your car can do it for you. They have direct access to the parts and the license to sell them to you legally. The technicians at the dealerships can also make sure these parts, like the Hondata s300, are installed properly so you do not have to worry about repairs or adjustments. For more information,...

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How To Change A Fender On Your Pickup Truck

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Spring is the time to get your car looking good again after a long winter. Winter roads can cause a lot of damage to vehicles, such as damage caused by sliding into guardrails or other vehicles. If you have a damaged fender, you can do something about it without going to a collision shop. Average Do-It-Yourselfers should be able to change a fender on their own. Here is how you can change a fender on an average pickup truck. You Will Need: Replacement Fender Ratchet Set Ratchet Extension Bar Pry Bar Purchase A Replacement Fender You can buy a new fender from a local auto scrap yard or an auto parts store like Hardys Auto Parts LLC. You can usually order a new fender that matches the color of your vehicle. To find the exact color match, look for a sticker on the inside of your driver’s door or in the engine compartment that has the color code for your vehicle printed on it – this should be in the lower left-hand corner of the sticker. Give the color code to the auto parts store at the time of order, and they should be able to find you a fender that matches the color of your pickup truck. Remove Your Fender There are usually six bolts that hold the fender onto a pickup truck. Two bolts are located on top, two in the door jamb, one on the bottom, and one by the headlights. Start at the bottom and loosen and remove all the bolts. You will need to use a ratchet extension to reach the bolts in the door jamb. You might also have to use a pry bar to loosen the fender once the bolts are removed, but be careful because once the fender is loose it can easily drop to the ground and on your foot. Install The New Fender Set the fender into place and replace the bolts. (Do not tighten the bolts just yet.) Position the fender by moving it around and making sure you can open and close the pickup truck’s door without it hitting the fender. You also want to make sure there is a little space between the headlight and the fender. Tighten the bolts down once the fender has been properly positioned in place. If you had damage done to a fender on your pickup truck during the winter, you can save a lot of money by buying a replacement fender and putting it on...

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How Can I Get Quality Parts For My Corvette?

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If you drive a Corvette and need to get your hands on some quality parts, you would do well to put some time and energy into the search process. It might take you a bit of effort, but it will be well worth it, so that you are able to get the best parts possible and save some money on your overall repair. To this end, adhere to the following recommendations, so that you’re able to get a favorable outcome for fixing your beloved Corvette.  #1: Visit Your Local Salvage Yard The old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, has never been truer than in the case of finding good car parts. Many people hear the phrase “junk yard” and believe that it is junk that they will be getting. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You should start looking into the many different parts available in salvage yards and make sure that you bring tools that will allow you to sift around and get what you need. One of the most important tools you can bring is a set of socket wrenches of various sizes and types.  #2: Shop Online With Certified Parts Dealers When you need to make the most of your parts purchase, it pays to get in touch with online parts retailers who can help you out. This allows you to widen the scope of your search, as opposed to having to stick with only physical auto parts retailers. When touching base with these online retailers, be sure that they are certified by both auto parts organizations and the Better Business Bureau, in order to know that they stand behind their service. You will also want to make sure that they offer a return period, so that you can get your money back in case the part does not perform for you the way that you would like.  #3: Get A Warranty With The Parts Any auto parts retailers that you shop with should be willing and able to provide you with a warranty. This is a strong example of the company standing behind the quality of their parts, which should serve you well when it comes to the shopping process. Always get a warranty on any parts that you purchase, so that you can put the assurance behind the purchase up to a certain number of miles.  Follow these tips when shopping for auto parts, so that you can get your Corvette back in working condition in short order.  For more information,...

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