Preserve Your Fuel Injection System And Avoid Maintenance Problems

Assuming that dirt and leaks are the only troubles a fuel injector could face would be a huge misnomer. A lot of unexpected problems could befall your fuel injectors. Being on the lookout for any out-of-the-ordinary issues and taking preventive steps aids in avoiding major damage and subsequent costly repairs.

Do Not Dismiss a Serious Problem

Usually, when you suspect there is a problem with the fuel injectors, pouring a special cleaner into the gas tank helps. While dirty fuel injectors end up improving thanks to a cleaning solution, the cleaner cannot address mechanical problems. For example, a small crack can develop in a fuel injector and this problem is only going to get worse. 

Basic, inexpensive welding could fix the issue. If the injectors have been severely cracked, however, you probably should turn to sellers of aftermarket parts for a replacement.

What won't fix the problem is continually pouring more and more cleaning liquid into the tank. Dismissing the serious nature of the trouble sets the stage for the problem worsening. Cracks, worn hoses, and other problems do have to be addressed at some point or else you face the risk of a ruined engine.

Cold Weather Leads to Damage

Never overlook the negative impact weather might have on a car or truck.

Fuel injector systems are known to be damaged by freezing weather. The fluid in the fuel injection system can freeze. Frozen liquids expand, which potentially causes all manner of damage to the fuel injection system. 

Parking the car inside of a garage, if possible, is well-advised during cold weather. Doing so protects the fuel injectors and scores of other parts. When you can't store the vehicle inside a garage, always be on the lookout for problems on the days after the temperature hits freezing.

At the first sign of any strange winter performance issues, take the vehicle to a garage. Do so right away and avoid waiting for the weather to improve. The weather may get nicer, but your car is only going to get worse if you keep driving it. A simple road test by a mechanic could reveal major, looming troubles with the fuel injection.

Request a Fuel Injection Inspection

Clearly, having the fuel injection system flushed once a year cuts back on a host of woes. Do a little more than request a basic flush. Ask the service technicians to perform a complete visual inspection of the system. This way, hidden problems a simple cleaning cannot remedy won't remain hidden anymore.