Hondata S300: How Tech Now Leads The Way To "Suped Up"

Once upon a time, not long ago, people who were crazy about cars and altering them to look cool relied on things like neon lights and spinning rims. Those days are past, although some of these "antiquated" means of souping up your car are still in use. Instead of exterior flashiness, you now have to go to the interior of the car, specifically the car's on-board computer. Recognizing the craving for this new trend, companies like Honda developed automotive computer upgrades like the Hondata s300.  Here is what these auto computer parts do for you and your vehicle.

Transformation from Boring to Hot Rod

Of course, kids these days would not call their souped up auto tech projects "hot rods", but the transformation from family car to street ride is exactly that. The on-board computer in most basic cars is meant for the working stiffs, but adding the extra motherboards turns the vehicle into a veritable race car. It helps tune up the engine to a level that only a race car could handle. Performance potential is maxxed out, giving the car's owner something akin to what you saw in Tokyo Drift. Many of the tech upgrades originated in the different countries in Asia, where a car's unique racing abilities, both vertical and sideways, are highly prized.

Easier Maintenance

Even though it seems counterintuitive, installing high performance auto tech means less engine maintenance. The added motherboard alerts you to problems in the engine and the car's computer. Since you already have to make several tune-ups just to install this tech, you will have less to worry about after the tech is installed. Unless you have opted to turn your imported family car into a Formula 1 racecar, tuning and performance checkups are fewer and farther between.

Finding, Purchasing and Installing Tech Auto Parts

Nowadays, you not only have to be a car hobbyist, but also an auto tech geek to keep up. This provides nerds and geeks everywhere the chance to be cool, because they can utilize what they know about computers with something that is more socially acceptable and "cool". If you were/are a computer nerd, this is your time to shine. You can learn how to install and use these auto parts to create cars many people want. 

However, if learning about and installing souped up motherboards in foreign import cars is not your thing, but you want to be cool too, then the dealerships that sell your car can do it for you. They have direct access to the parts and the license to sell them to you legally. The technicians at the dealerships can also make sure these parts, like the Hondata s300, are installed properly so you do not have to worry about repairs or adjustments. For more information, visit