Is Your Car Backfiring Or Sputtering? 2 Possible Solutions

You take care of your car, but that does not mean that an issue cannot arise, like sputtering or backfires. This problem is usually accompanied by bad smells or black smoke. The following are 2 possible reasons why your car is having problems. 

1. A Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

This regulator is a small device that is no bigger than your palm and is usually shaped in the form of a pentagon. The regulator helps your vehicle read just how much fuel your engine needs to provide power. But, like other compartments, it can fail. The following are a few signs of a bad regulator:

  • Bad fuel economy, as the regulator might force too much fuel into your engine.
  • The excess fuel in the engine might blacken your spark plugs.
  • Car emissions might be excessive, and you may see fuel dripping from the exhaust pipe.
  • Running rich might also cause back pressure in your exhaust pipe that may result in black smoke and sputtering.
  • The oil dipstick might smell like gasoline.
  • The engine might stall when you press down on your gas pedal.

You can change your fuel pressure on your own with minimal to no experience, and the part should be easy to find at your local auto parts store.

2. Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is a compartment that is usually under your car on the passenger side and sits somewhere between the fuel line and your engine. This piece looks like a cylinder and can be removed by using a fuel filter disconnector that you can find in your auto parts store. This filter helps your vehicle clean any debris or grime that may have contaminated your fuel as it travels from the fuel pump to the engine.

The following are a few symptoms related to a bad fuel filter:

  • You might not be able to start your vehicle, or you may have a hard time starting your car.
  • Your car might have acceleration issues or performance issues when driving close to idle speeds, but drive slightly better at higher speeds. 
  • There could be a bad smell coming from your exhaust pipe with blackened smoke.
  • You might feel sputtering or backfires, especially at lower speeds. 

You can change the fuel filter on your own; just ask your auto parts store for a new fuel filter, which should be accessible. Now you have a few possible solutions that may help stop the issue that you are having. For more help tracking down these parts, contact a company like Parts Chain.