Tuning Your Vehicle To Increase Efficiency

Every car owner wants to get the maximum power and efficiency possible while driving. Modifications can be made to your car or truck that will help increase its overall ability to run well, drive faster, and operate more smoothly. When it comes to fine tuning your engine, there are a few important things you can do in order to increase its efficiency and help it to run better overall.

Increase Air Intake

If your vehicle has plenty of air coming in through the intake system, the horsepower should increase. You can add more air flow by installing a maximum air-flow filter or sensor. These parts are inexpensive and easy to install. They will allow the air to come into the vehicle's intake much more smoothly and can add a lot of extra power to your engine with minimal effort.

Tune The Cylinder Head

Your cylinder head is the part of the engine that helps control the airflow both in and out of the motor. If you fine-tune the car's cylinder head, you can improve the exhaust flow of the car and give it much more power. This tuning method may require the help of a mechanic unless you know how to do it yourself with the proper tools. You can tune this part of your engine by matching up the intake and exhaust ports of the engine for a smoother air flow.

Improve Your Exhaust

Just like the air that comes into your engine is important, it's also essential that the exhaust has a good amount of room to escape. When a car's engine is able to eliminate excess gases from its internal combustion system, it will see a significant increase in power. You can accomplish this by adding a higher performance muffler and larger diameter pipes to your exhausts system.

Work On The Engine Block

The engine block of a vehicle is the part with the most emphasis on power, durability, and strength. Change the oil pain in your car with one that has a better capacity for more oil, and that cools well. You can also change the traditional oil system over to a dry sump system. This system helps create a vacuum in the engine's crankcase that can increase power by reducing windage loss.

Computer Tuning

Newer model vehicles have a computer in the engine that gives it instructions on how to operate. A process called ECU tuning can reprogram the module to instruct the car's sensors, valves, and injectors to do various tasks that will increase air intake as well as fume output. This simple process is easy to do, and you will certainly see an increase in horsepower. These simple tuning changes can make your vehicle run much better, faster, and smoother with a few tweaks. Contact a business, such as Auto Performance, for help with your car.