Tips For Finding Car Parts At A Salvage Yard

Once you pay a small admission fee at the gates of a salvage yard, you'll have access to thousands of used parts from all types of wrecked vehicles. Although the cars and trucks no longer run, their bodies are filled with parts that may be in good or even perfect condition.

Before spending a lot of money on a new part for your vehicle, it may pay to check out a salvage yard to see if they have what you need first. You may be able to get the exact part you need at a small fraction of the cost of its brand-new counterpart.

Because automotive salvage yards are so expansive, it's important to go prepared. By taking the time to plan ahead, you'll be more comfortable during the search and will have a better chance of finding what you need.

Here are some salvage yard tips to consider:

1. Search for your desired part prior to arriving. Many salvage yards have lists of their available parts on their website.  They usually list all of their available vehicles' makes, models, and years, along with their parts, so that you can quickly scroll through to check their inventory. If they don't list their parts online, you can look through a list of available parts when you arrive at the yard. 

Salvage yards may not list their vehicles' colors, so if you need an exterior part, you'll just need to check them out in person.

2. Since you'll be out in the elements as you look for your needed parts, take the weather into consideration prior to heading to the salvage yard. Since most lots don't have any type of shade, make sure to wear sunscreen and/or wear a sun hat on sunny days. 

Also, don't forget safety glasses and protective gloves if you'll be pulling parts out of vehicles. You may also appreciate having a bottle of water in tow on hot summer days. since you won't find any water fountains or soda machines out on the lot. 

3. Bring a bag filled with any tools that you'll need to pull parts out of the vehicles, since salvage yards don't typically provide them. Some handy tools to put in your arsenal include pry bars, hammers, socket sets, wire snips, and scissors. 

Also, bring an old sheet or a large piece of cardboard to place on the ground if you'll be working under the cars.