Brake Problems

For most people the most dangerous activity they will take part in each day is driving. With almost 1.3 million people being killed each year from auto accidents it is important that your vehicle is in the best condition possible. A big part of your vehicle safety is the brakes, and if they are not working correctly then you could be in a lot of danger. When you hit your brakes you expect to stop, and if that is not the case you and everyone else on the road is in danger. Here are a few ways to tell if your brakes are starting to give out.


One of the first things that you may notice when your brakes are starting to fail and need checked is when you start to notice strange noises. There are a lot of different things that could be going on if you are hearing noise, but one of the main sounds that you are likely to hear is grinding. If you hear grinding when you push your brakes then you likely have significant wear and tear on the rotors or on the brake pads. This can be extremely dangerous as you may push the brakes one day and not be able to stop like you should. 


If your car starts to pull while you are braking then you may have a couple problems as well. One problem that can cause this is when you have air pockets or a line leakage in your brake lines. There the real problem is that when you brake and your car pulls, you could be in auto accidents that you should not have been. If you start to notice your car pulling when you hit the brakes then do not hesitate to take the car in as this can be very dangerous. You may also have a problem with your rotors and pads warping causing the pulling to occur.

Pedal Problems

Obviously if you have a problem stopping when you push the brake you need to go in, but if you start having other types of brake pedal problems you could have major brake line problems. A common problem with a brake pedal is if the pedal feels squishy. If you feel like your pedal is squishy, you may have air pockets in your brakes which will not allow the vehicle to brake like it should. Contact a shop, like Williams Oil Filter Service Co.,  for more help.