Important Things To Remember When Using A Brake Conversion Kit

Performing a conversion on your drum brake to turn it into a disc brake can be a great idea. Your disc brake will perform much better and will require less maintenance. However, there are several mistakes you should avoid when you use a front disc brake conversion kit to do it yourself.

Some Brake Conversion Jobs are Difficult

In the easiest front disc brake conversion jobs, you will simply be replacing the front spindles. However, with more complicated brake conversions, you will need to make several other changes to your car to make the brake conversion successful. 

Replacement Parts Can Be Cheap

The parts that you replace can be purchased aftermarket. However, you also can find parts that work perfectly well and are from donor cars as a way to save money. Then you'll be ready to get started.

Bleed the Calipers 

One of the first things you'll want to do when replacing brakes is to bleed the calipers. This can be done very easily with a caliper piston tool. You will need to pinch off the brake line and open the bleeder screw.

Make Sure the Brakes Move Freely

You'll need to make sure that all the brakes move freely. When the brake pads do not move freely, the pads won't apply evenly on the brake rotor and this can affect the effectiveness of your brakes. You may need to remove the rust scale with a hammer and chisel.

Use the Right Lubricants

Your brakes will need a lubricant to be able to function properly. Anti-seize lubricants and heavy silicone grease should be applied to the brakes. The caliper slides need heavy silicone grease or a brake grease that is compatible with rubber. The pads do not need any lubricant at all and a small amount of anti-seize lubricants should be applied to the pins.

Follow the Instructions

After you have prepared your car to replace the drum brakes with disc brakes, the next step is to follow the instructions for the front disc brake conversion kit. Then, you'll be able to easily replace your old brakes with new ones.

While there are general rules that you should follow when changing your brakes, it's also important to make sure that the changes you make are suitable for the type of car you are driving. Some cars have brakes that are much easier to change than other cars, but with enough research, you will be able to change your brakes and make your car much safer to drive.